Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Sexiest Christmas Shopping Guide EVER

Hello Fellas!

For those of you who don't know me, I am MJ Summers, best-selling contemporary romance author. I have a naughty and nice present for those of you who are desperately seeking the perfect gift ideas for your special girl this Christmas.

I have selected the sexiest gifts that are sure to put a smile on her face (and yours). All of the legwork has been done for you. No need to get out of your chair even! Just click on the links below and wait for the UPS truck to arrive.

Now most of these things are to be opened at your own private holiday celebration. Get one or two items, or splurge on them all and let the fireworks begin!

Kama Sutra Massage Oil
The creme de la creme of massage oils. They have it perfected. Delicious scents and flavours, luxurious feel. Prices range from $10 - 25 depending on what you choose.

Luxury Plush Blanket 
This one goes hand in hand with the massage oil. Put this over your bottom sheet using the oils. Not only will it protect your sheets, it will feel amazing at the same time. Click here for blankets priced from $49 and up.

This product is featured on in a beginner's guide to erotica. The We-Vibe is considered the vibrator for couples and can greatly enhance your sexperience together. Prices range from $49 to $150 depending on which model you choose.

A Sexy Novel - Break in Two 
This season's must have novel to set the mood. With over 120 reviews on and a 4.5/5 star rating overall, you can see that women (and men) are LOVING this book. I have even had women email me to tell me that they learned some new moves to try out with their husbands. (It also has a super romantic Christmas 'ahem' climax).
Get the book. Pour her a glass of wine, go have a shower and see if she can make it past page 53 without giving you the nod. 

Available only on Amazon, you can choose print ($12.49 USD) or kindle version ($3.89 USD). You can gift a kindle e-book quite easily. 

This can be intimidating for a lot of guys, so I'm taking the guess work out of it for you with my Lingerie Buying Guide: 
  • Get the Right Size - Take a quick peek in her underwear drawer to find the sizes of a few of her bras and panties. Write it down. Most lingerie shops and websites have sizing charts to ensure the proper fit. 
  • Get Something She'll Feel Beautiful In - you might like to see her in a set of pasties and a leather thong, but she might be feeling overexposed and self-conscious. If she loves the reflection she sees in the mirror, she'll feel much less inhibited. Start by thinking about the parts of her body that she complains about:
    • Does she hate her tummy? Choose a baby-doll fit or a merry widow (with ruching if you can find it - ruching hides all kinds of flaws) 
    • Does she wish she had bigger or perkier breasts? Go with something with a push-up bra built in (teddy, nightie, baby-doll, merry widow)
    • Does she try to hide her thighs? Go with a slightly longer nightie. 
Where to buy lingerie: 

If you are in the US - Victoria's Secret has got it what you want. An excellent selection that won't break the bank. 

If you are in Canada - la Vie en Rose is the place to go. Their lingerie fits beautifully, feels nice, is well-priced, covers what she wants to hide and shows off what you want to see. Perfection. 

Visit my Pinterest Page for examples of my favourites. You can't resist, can you? 

I hope this is helpful for you and that you have the most romantic holiday season of all time. 

Be sure to check out the rest of my posts to find out What Women REALLY Want for more tips on how to be the most romantic guy on the block (ie. the one who is always gettin' some). 

Happy Shopping!

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